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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Taking a line

When we inherited our plot from the previous owner it had several quirky features (I daresay we've added some, but they're ours, therefore perfectly normal rather than quirky). A ramshackle shed-cum-greenhouse full of wild raspberry canes, and a typist's chair. A vast if patchy crop of parsnips, which we spent the next year digging out. A huge weed heap (of which more soon). And on either side of the central path, one wide bed and one narrow bed. Over the next few years several of these quirks were tamed, but the lopsided beds have remained, and in fact have got even more lopsided. Now they're at the point where the size of a particular crop will be determined by which side of the plot it's on. Time for action.

So on Sunday I 'took a line' from the front of the plot to the shed door. I had intended to start digging out the grass, but the ground was frozen solid. Looking at it again, my line is perhaps rather squint, so I'll wait until the mathematically-minded males of the family have a look at it.

That's one of our quirks, I've just realised - I sow/plant in lines which veer gradually away from straightness. But why be boring?


Peggy said...

last year I decided to straighten our wonky paths on the plot and gained about 3 feet in some parts where the grass had grown in and taken over.Too hard or wet for digging at the mo here too.

Sue said...

The sheds caught my eye right away. I love them! I have trouble doing anything in a straight line, too.