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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Ice garden

A little oasis of ice from last weekend. Another tap had sprung a leak at the allotment site, and last weekend's below zero temperatures created an ice garden. When we went back this week both taps had at last dried up. I don't like to think how much water has been wasted.


Darla said...

Try not to think of it as wasted water, the ice on the grasses is beautiful!!

Peggy said...

So no digging this week either ? They do make strange beautiful sculptures!

Babzy said...

these ice flowers are beautiful !

Paul - leeds daily photo said...

I sort of share an allotment. I love the effect the combination of the water and the frost have had.

Lindab said...

Glad the icy beauty is appreciated.

Peggy, we did dig this past weekend, but I'm really behind with posting. We are in a family busy spell.

Paul, I like your description of 'sort of sharing' an allotment. Do you do the occasional dig, or do you have a bit of the plot for yourself?

Gunilla said...

Beautiful ice flowers, and nice photos. you ´ll remember them when you look at the photos.
You´ll not miss the water.

Have a nice evening


Leena said...

Greetings from Finland and thank you for your comment on my side.
Those snow works make usually my husband as the men make them in every house. We have to make it ourselves of course only in our property not roads or streets.

I saw your fox photo, it was nice.
If you have time to click this URL, you could see "our fox" in my photos.

All the best for you and your family.

( We lived over 30 years ago in Scotland, near Aberdeen, in Kinmuck 11 months. Our bigger children were at school in Inverurie )

Kris said...

It's like a tiny fairy garden -- or a bit of ghostly coral reef. Lovely!

Sue said...

I had a garden at an apartment my daughter lived at, and her upstairs neighbors wanted to learn how to garden, so I gave up part of the garden for them, and they neglected it, so that it became a weedy mess. They ended up with a nest of bunnies that they would stick food in. (Reading about "sort of" sharing an allotment caused me to remember that.)

That lovely ice made for some great pics, but I'm with you in regretting wasted water. I hope they get these things fixed.