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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Cheating - celeriac

After some swithering (about 2 minutes) I gave in and cheated. Ten plants of Celeriac 'Brilliant' now have my name on them in a Marshalls greenhouse somewhere in England. Or maybe some lucky seed planter is going off out today to sow the seeds with my name on them (lucky because I'd swap jobs with them in an instant).

My craving for Celeriac has got the better of my determination to grow all vegetables on from seed. Three years ago I had a sorry failure of a Celeriac attempt. The seeds took forever to come through, and the plants produced nothing like a root ball. A lot of time and effort for no result. With limited space to bring on seedlings I've opted for the 'garden ready plant' get-out.

Celeriac was one of the many culinary discoveries I made while working as an English language 'assistante' in a French school as part of my degree. It was often on the school lunch menu in various guises. Those lunches were a true delight (apart from the occasional serving of tripe, which apparently the school students loved). A two hour lunch break, a four course lunch with wine, and then a pleasant interlude at a nearby cafe for a little pick-me-up coffee, sitting cosily inside in the winter when the Mistral blew, or lazily outside in the sun the rest of the time.

So I'm determined to recapture a little of that douceur de vie through my Celeriac this summer. Great expectations indeed!


Peggy said...

I like celeriac too but not enough to grow it!Amazing how some plants like songs can evoke memories.Anything that can remind you of summer can't be bad.

Darla said...

I wouldn't call that cheating!!

angela said...

I'm a very recent convert to celeriac but I'm not passionate enough to grow it. There's a good Nigella chicken recipe that features mouth's watering.

Pulsatilla said...

I think I will settle for buying them. They do taste great, though. When I was little a old man living deep in the woods used to bring us the most fantastic vegetables, among them celeriac. I remember dreamy creamy soup with this in. Heavenly!

So surprised that you find my greenhouse (Yes! drivhus = greenhouse) so stylish. To me UK is greenhouse-heaven. But that might be the victorian style and really, really, really expensive ones?

Sue said...

I don't grow everything from seeds. In fact, I buy more plants than I grow from seed. I want to plant some flowers and herbs from seeds this year, though.

I don't remember if I've eaten celeriac before. I wonder if it grows around here.