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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mister Fox

With no blanket of snow, the grassy paths at our plot have continued to grow this winter. The hard frosts of Christmas and New Year did no more than burn the tips. As the grass gets longer, a path has appeared running the whole length of the plot. It can't be from our footfalls - for one thing we're not there often enough, but it's also too slim.

Last week the mystery was solved when the fox trotted right past me, following the line of the path. Of course - it's his (or her?) route. He crossed over to the next door plot and hung around as I grabbed my camera. Perfect shot after perfect shot went by as the rascal turned his head away every time just as I pressed the button. Here's the best I could get, just catching him as he begins to turn away from the camera again. What a tease!


Darla said...

Wow!! We have a den of foxes in the back of our property!!

Peggy said...

He does not look too concerned by your presence there

Lindy MacDuff said...

A great shot, nonetheless. He/she looks very healthy!

Bergson said...

Foxes are difficult to take

beautiful photo

Gunilla said...

Tanks for your visit on my blog.
We had foxes at our summerhouse last summer and they were visiting us every day. They are still there.
I have a photo on my blog if you whish to se him. He is very cute.


Gunilla/ Norrskenets tradgard.

Kris said...

Wonderful shot! Thanks for posting it. When I tried to take a pic of one in my yard, it turned out just a blur - she never stood still. Obviously she had places to go and things to do. ;-)

Pat Leuchtman said...

Here in New England I am more aware of coyotes, but a friend who is a hunter tells me that we have many foxes as well. I now keep a fence around my chickens.

Paul said...

Nice photo of fox, I used to see one quite often on platform 4 at Shipley, sadly whenever I had my camera he was not there.

Tarolino said...

Thanks for visiting my sky watch entry.
You have captured this beautiful fox well enough to see that he's in excellent condition and well fed. The sun on him makes an extra ingredient.
Our foxes here in finland are too shy to come this close to humans. I guess it's because they have such ample space to live in the forests.
Hares on the other hand often sit in people's back yards and squirrels and hedgehogs (allthough now in hybernation) are regular visitors. Raccoon dogs are not that unsusual either in urban surroundings. Even elks and deer often are in close visinity of houses.

Sue said...

I'm glad I made it here, as I'm catching up on the blogs I read. I love your fox pic! I know about taking lots of pics to get a few I'd like to use.