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Sunday 16 March 2014

Garlicking along

In January the annual allotment fee invoice came in, and we had another stocktake about whether we had the time to keep the plot on.  We hadn't got to the end of that when, what seemed like a week later, a red final demand notice came in.  The waiting list for plots near us is very long - between 5 and 7 years - so although we hope not still to be in Edinburgh by that point, we couldn't face giving up and plot and going back on the waiting list.  So here we are, committed for another year and watching the garlic grow.

I planted garlic on 4 January.  By 16 February it was showing green shoots.  When I was at the plot two weeks ago it was higher still, but I didn't get any photos.  I'm just about to go along for a morning's work and will check on its progress then.  Thankfully, despite the late planting we have had some days of frost to help bulb development. 

Meantime, potatoes have been chitting away.  Charlotte and Desiree, not too many of either because we want to leave space for more interesting things.  Not that a home grown tattie isn't a delight, but there are other things which cost more and taste of nothing in the supermarket. 

And finally - our new weed for this season.  Foxglove seedlings, liberally strewn across the plot by the wild floxgloves on our inherited weed heap/compost pile.  I'll dig a couple up for the garden, but the rest will have to come out.  It seems a shame, but they are definitely a 'plant in the wrong place'.


Mark Willis said...

Maybe you should team up with someone else and share the allotment with them? It seems a shame to just hang on to it without much enthusiasm, when there is such a long waiting-list :)

Sue Garrett said...

Foxgloves are just so prolific aren't they. I thin our self sown seedlings out on the plot and usually transfer a couple of plants to the garden where they don't seen to self seed at all. Strange!

Linda said...

Mark, we're enthusiastic enough, we just don't have much time. Both our fathers are in poor health and live a fair drive north of Edinburgh, plus we both have demanding jobs. But once we get to the plot we enjoy it.

Sue, it actually seems like a bonus to have self-seeded foxgloves. Now that I think about it, I have a foxglove in the garden already but no seedlings. Strange.

Kris said...

For the life of me I cannot get foxgloves to self-seed around here yet they set themselves with abandon in other gardens. Ah well. The deer would most likely eat them anyway. Glad you have kept the plot - there is no therapy like a bit of dirt to play in. Also glad you're finding time to blog again. :-D Take care.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Hard to imagine a 5 to 7 year wait to get a plot. Smart move to sign on again. I planted garlic in February and it seems to be taking hold. I don't hold out a lot of hope since last years I couldn't get radishes to grow. How sad is that. And our drought is an added factor this year. But fingers still crossed.

Fay McKenzie said...

I am glad you're keeping going - the garlic looks yummy - and frost helpful!

Last time I was on the mainland and put my name down for an alottment I got one 3 years after I left the area.

Totally forgot I was on the list.

As we head down sooth soon, I'm pondering adding myself to a list - we've an offer in on a house with a long skinny garden so I'm pondering allotment options - although maybe I should wait and see how I go first?