Slow painting

Sunday 18 October 2009


And indeed it is.

After taking these shots I put my camera in my pocket and forgot to take it out again as we worked at the plot this afternoon. The grass just keeps growing, so there was a major strimming session. I weeded the strawberry bed, which was being invaded by couch grass. All around, leaves were falling from the ash trees that border the site. When we're next back - which will be in a couple of weeks now - I'll rake them up and bag them for leaf-mould.

We agreed that we needed to use the winter to get the borders of the plot under control, and to reclaim more ground from grass. That depends on having a relatively snow and frost-free winter. The Winter Olympics might be crossing fingers for snow, but we're not.

Tuesday 13 October 2009


Bad enough, but when it comes to holes dug in the middle of newly planted overwintering onions...

I've been unable to visit other blogs much lately. Hope to emerge from this busy spell soon and see what's happening elsewhere.