Slow painting

Sunday 13 January 2013

In suspense

This blog certainly is, and I am too about what is happening to my brassicas at the plot.  November, December - busy, busy months, also quagmires of mud months.  Followed by being away for Christmas and New Year. Then work starting up again - aargh.

These are the latest shots I have from a visit to the plot on the 25th of November.  Actual broccoli, like the kind you buy in the supermarket.  Savoy cabbage, hearting up but also being munched.  And purple sprouting growing steadily.

My husband was at the plot last weekend to repair the shed roof, which is covered with tar paper.  It's been leaking, and with the heavy rains we've had there's been quite a bit of water coming through.  He had to wait until the temperature reached 10 degrees to apply the tar sealant, and luckily last weekend was warm enough.  

Today it's snowing - not nice fluffy flakes, but wet snow falling heavily in raw, damp air, so although I have a free day when I could pop along and see what's happening, I feel in full Scottish hibernation mode.   For the moment I'm not really thinking too much about the plot - my concentration is all at home, on my gorgeous Christmas cacti and on spring bulbs both inside and in the garden.  January and February are long winter months in Scotland.  There will be time for planning once some signs of spring appear.  With no greenhouse and very little suitable windowsill space I can't do early indoor sowings, but I'm quite content to wait.