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Tuesday 10 May 2011

New bed activity

So many photos backed up, so many aching muscles from working at the plot, so few blog posts... It's the hungry gap in my blog world. Just to redeem myself quickly, here's the new bed as at Sunday, with the Anya potatoes coming through.

And just as forecast, we had frost this week, as the potato foliage shows.


Mark Willis said...

The potatoes don't look too badly damaged Linda. I'm sure they will survive, and go on to reward you in the end.

Esther Montgomery said...

Frosts are a pain but, in the right circumstances, aching muscles can be very satisfying - a reminder of work done.


Janet/Plantaliscious said...

Poor potatoes! At least they will bounce back. I am growing some Anya potatoes too, they are at about the same stage as yours I think. They seem to be growing more slowly than "Swift" and "Charlotte".

Sue Garrett said...

I like the title - it made me wonder!

Jo said...

Your frost damage isn't too bad, I'm sure the spuds will soon recover. Glad to see that you're making use of that new bed straight away.

Peggy said...

The soil of the new bed looks terrific!The spuds will recover the frost damage is not too bad.Another few weeks and htose aching muscles will be forgotten when you survey your green growing plot!

Linda said...

Mark, you're right, the tatties will soon bounce back. And my muscles have recovered already.

Esther, there's a particular sort of Sunday night satisfaction to those aching muscles and knowing that it's been a productive weekend before sitting at a desk again.

Janet, let's have an Anya comparison as the season goes on!

Green Lane Allotments, I hadn't thought that the title might give rise to wonderings!

Jo, we felt that we had to christen it right away to make up for all those years when it sat idle.

Peggy, talk about green gym!

donna said...

You had frost? Well, now I feel better about our cool spring. Isn't it a thrill so see something growing in the garden?