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Sunday 14 November 2010

Getting the garlic in

I surprised myself by planting garlic within a week of its arrival from The Really Garlicky Company. Normally it lies around in the garage for a few weeks and begins to sprout. The individual cloves were plump, only four to a bulb. We'll see how they do in our soil. On the day I planted them, the soil was pretty heavy. The planting instructions did say that if you had heavy soil you should plant them in a ridge, but I was out of time for ridge construction, so just pushed them straight in.

Next on the agenda is digging in the green manure.

By this time the leaves from the ash tree nearby will all have fallen, and a good number of them will be on the green manure. Perhaps we'll end up with a leaf mould/phacelia cross.

It's raining again today, making this afternoon's planned digging session unlikely. But I think I'll go along with the household green waste, if only for the pleasure of a walk in the chill rain and fallen leaves.


Mark Willis said...

Sympathy: I've had a wet weekend too -- a few unenthusiastic leaf-clearing sessions in between the showers / longer periods of rain. On the plus side, harvested some parsnips!

Kelli said...

Hi Linda, I wish I had thought to grow garlic; have never grown it but now thinking I should! :)

donna said...

I think your garlic will do just fine without all the ridge construction. Of course, I have no idea what ridge construction actually is. Like a small berm, maybe?


Croila said...

I ordered ten bulbs of "Music" garlic from the Really Garlicky Company and planted it on 31 October, in pots and in the ground. Not too sure how they'll do as the I think the soil may be too wet, and even the pots are pretty wet what with all the rain we've been having lately. I never bother making rows or anything, I just stick stuff into the ground in a hodge-podge ... Your stringed-out row looks so neat!