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Saturday 27 November 2010

First snowfall 2010

Normally we don't expect snow until after Christmas, but this is apparently Britain's earliest snowfall for 17 years. Blizzards to the north and south of us, but Edinburgh has had a genteel dusting of snow overnight.

This is my for-the-record photo, taken this morning, of the new fence going up in our back garden. It's now finished, but it was too cold for the landscaper to build a section of brick wall - the cement wouldn't harden - so that is left over for warmer days.

I have no scenic shots of Edinburgh to show you. I WAS in town today, taken on a Christmas shopping expedition by my daughter. The castle looked beautiful in the snow, but we were too busy trying to keep our feet on the slippy, icy, untreated pavements to take photos. I imagine we'll be getting less clearing and sanding of pavements from now on as the funding cuts bite.

So all I can offer is this shot of a bus shelter roof and sign, taken from the top deck of the number 11 bus. The snow plastered on the sign shows that the snow came from the east, always our coldest quarter. The huddle of sheds beyond is the back of the Christmas market, which I can reassure you does look more attractive from the front. Beyond that, against the sky, is the outline of the castle.

My mind is less on snow just now tho than what climbers I'm going to train against my new fence. All suggestions for a small garden welcome.

See more of the white stuff at the 2010 First Snowfall Project.


Aina said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes it's great to have a little garden. Relaxation in a stressful workday.
I can see there have been some snow in Scotland. Here in Oslo there is not much snow but very cold.
I will follow your blog. Exciting to look at other's garden blogs.
Would like to visit Scotland, sometime.
Ha en trivelig før-julstid!

Jacqui said...

We have much the same as you here (I am back down the road until January). I braved the drive to Linlithgow farmer's market today and it was fine. First snow posted on my blog last year was 17th December.
How about a nice wee scented climbing rose with a clematis growing through it? Looking very nice. x

Kelli said...

Hi there, we had a dusting of snow in Northern Ireland today, the snow coming down looked magical. The First Snowfall Project looks interesting.

L. D. said...

Hey, you beat us to the first snow fall. We had sleet and freezing rain, but no snow. I am glad neither of you fell down.

DeniseinVA said...

Lovely photos Linda and pretty shots with the snow and all. I like your new fence. Stay warm and watch your step. I had some bad falls on ice and snow a few years ago and now I now avoid going out in that stuff when I can. I just head for the hot chocolate instead ;0

happyone said...

No snow yet here by me. After all the snow we had last year, I'm hoping for VERY little this year!!

Mark Willis said...

Scots are supposed to be hardy lot, so what's few degrees below to worry about??? Re Climbers: I vote for Clematis. Maybe the Montana type, very early, very free-flowering.

Jo said...

We've got quite a bit of snow here, and more forcast. I've got a honeysuckle and clematis growing up my fence.

Peggy said...

Hi Linda,we have not had any snow down here in the city yet but very unseasonal cold temps for this time of year.I am not even considering gardening in any shape or form!

donna said...

How lovely it must be to look up while out shopping and see a castle. Hard for me to even imagine, actually.

Nice that you have new fence plants to dream about over the winter.

Clean, fresh snow is so pretty, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Linda, for your snowy submission to the Snowfall Project -- I'll be putting it up later today.

Kathleen said...

I wish it was after Christmas when we receive our first snowfall (in Colorado). Unfortunately, it's way before! I think it's pretty when there is just a light dusting like your pictures show. When it gets deep, it's too much for me plus I think of how long it will take to melt!
Stay warm.
ps I hope you find some great vines for your new wall. I can't seem to get enough clematis in my garden but I know there are other climbers out there.