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Saturday 17 July 2010

Compost activity

This is what happens when you leave a compost bin undisturbed for several weeks. Ants and their eggs. Boy did they move when we opened the lid. Eggs were grabbed and hurried off to safety.

We're curious to see what we'll find tomorrow when we take the compost bucket along.

And at some point we must get round to using some of the compost. It's very strange - the compost bins seem to have become self-contained entities. We add stuff, stir it around occasionally, add some more, but the connection between finished compost and spreading it on the plot seems to have got lost somewhere. Does anyone else have this experience, or all you all growing super veg as a result of your frequent compost spreading?

Edited to add that we're off on hols - exchanging damp and lush Scotland for hot and dry France. I intend to visit a few gardens while we're there. My husband doesn't know this yet.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

How do you spell, "eew"? I am not a fan of ants, but they are a part of nature.

I normally get my compost turned several times in the summer, but have gotten behind this year, because of all the rain, and then heat. I get compost spread at different times of the season, but mostly in the late summer.

L. D. said...

I think this is your most unique blog ever. I like that you are composting and will be anxious to see how the whole situation develops.

clairz said...

The first time I made a compost pile here in New Mexico and went out to turn it, tons of cockroaches scurried out of it! Yuck. I never went near that pile again without my black rubber boots that went up to the knee (I suppose you would call them wellies--so much quicker to say).

I recently attended a short class in composting, mainly to find out how to avoid the cockroaches. I wanted to know if I should use one of those composting barrels that are fixed horizontally up off the ground.

The answers to my questions?

1. Cockroaches are a part of the process here; locate the pile away from the house if they bother you. (!!)

2. Don't waste money on one of those fancy composting barrels. The best compost is made right on the ground.

I found it interesting that this university soil science professor makes his compost piles all at one time and turns them every day. The hardest part of composting here in the desert is to keep the pile moist. I know that's not a problem for you!

Peggy said...

I have two compost bins which I never turn, they are top loaded and the finished compost is taken our from the bottom.Turning it is almost impossible as the becomes full.
I had only one which was allowed to break down and when it was full I got the second, now one is in use for fresh compost material and the second is allowed to become compost for the garden which it does over time without any turning or help from me! I use it from tiem to tiem and take bagfulls out to the plot for the beans & peas when starting their beds.

Jon Usher said...

Those ant eggs look almost edible! Our Edinburgh compost used to create a strange liquor at the bottom, never knew what to do with it. Here, compost would attract mozzies and worse, so not something to have near the house.

donna said...

Linda, you've managed to make composting an interesting post and your photos are always top notch.

It's been a hot and wet summer here and the lushness is starting to bother me. I know that sounds strange, but it makes me feel crowded.

I hope you and your husband are enjoying the gardens in hot and dry France. I know you are:)

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Warm hugs,


10V said...

Wow, those sure are a lot of ants...

I don't know anything about compost..but i surely like the pics.

Thanks for visiting my post. hope to see u there more often. :)

Maireanna said...

Hei Linda!
Ihanaa kun kävit vierailulla blogissani sieltä kaukaa :-)
iik, nuo madot...mitähän niistä kasvaakaan? Ainakin ne möyhentävät multaa kuohkeaksi :-)

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Linda,
Are you still in France? I hope things are going well. It's hot here in Nebraska. It got up to 100 today. Summer sure is going by fast!