Slow painting

Friday 27 November 2009

After the gales

It could have been worse. The frame supporting the netting was still standing firm, and our shed was untouched. The plot next door wasn't so fortunate. They have a classic allotment shed put together from offcuts and old doors, and the recent gales tore away one whole side. I didn't take a photo. It seemed a touch voyeuristic.

I found a stout stake to replace the cane that this plant had been tied to, and tied the stake to the metal frame to make doubly sure. Although the ground was still sodden from all the recent rain, I couldn't push the stake in very far even with leaning all my body weight on it. I would have needed a man with a mallet (as opposed to a woman with a chainsaw - anyone else know that campfire song? 'I need a woman with a keep me warm at night').

As these things do, the date has embedded itself in photos I've taken over the past couple of days. It must have happened when I fumbled with my camera in the dark while considering whether to try to take a photo of the 'lighting of the Christmas tree fireworks' yesterday. I've spent a frustrating hour this afternoon reading the camera manual and discovering how to embed the date, but not how to reverse the steps to un-embed it. Eventually, by dint of my favourite technique when dealing with anything mechanical - random prodding of buttons (which drives my family crazy), I seem to have got rid of it. Until the next time.

Poor neglected allotment. Bad weather, extreme activity in schlepping daughter and harp and violin around the place in the run-up to Christmas, and general November lethargy mean that it's further down the priority list at the moment.


L. D. said...

Yes we had our new camera for over a year, and finally my wife picked up the manual to explain to me how to take a macro shot with it. She always reads the manual, of course, and I should. The camera's can have almost too many features. I am glad your shed survived. Wind can real cause trouble.

donna said...

Oh, Linda.....if something had happened to your blue shed, I would have been so sad because I luv it so.

So many things I don't know about my camera and I seem to be too lazy to get out the owner's manual and do a little learning.

Would be fun to see a post from you about your daughter's harp and violin.

Jacqui said...

I've lost my manual and i do want to read it - especially before I go along to the scary male dominated camera club in a week or so..
Your psb is looking promising despite its battering. Glad your plot didn't suffer too much. Jaunting and decorating has been keeping me away from mine right now. xx