Slow painting

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Doing nothing

On Sunday afternoon I took the house compost pail along to the plot, and intended to do some work while I was there. But I saw nothing that wouldn't wait another week, the sun was warm, and I was tired. I'd left husband sawing up large IKEA shelves (Ivar, for those on first name terms with the IKEA range) to make smaller IKEA shelves, daughter practising her clarsach, and son away at university in Glasgow. For a brief spell there was no obligation on me to do anything at all.

I looked out across our plot and our neighbour's, listened to the wind in the trees, and soaked up the sunlight that is beginning to slip away now. Sunrise today was 6.47 a.m., sunset will be 7.28 p.m. Almost at the equinox. It felt good just to sit, at this turning point of the year, and look.

From my deckchair I took these shots of what was around me.

Seeding dill:

Elephantine rhubarb:

The door plank splintered in the last break-in attempt on our shed:

A bee on a marigold:

And for once I felt no Calvinist guilt about doing nothing.


donna said...

Linda, you should do nothing more often because it made for a really nice post. How dare someone attempt to break into the blue shed and cause damage to it. All of these photos are amazing. Here in my part of the world today the sunrise is at 6:33 and sunset will be at 7:01. High temp of 72, low temp of 43. I didn't know what a clarsach was. Looked it up -- Gaelic word for harp.

Val said...

It's always good just to sit and stare. Renews one's spirit. And those are lovely pictures! Val

Bay Area Tendrils said...

Oh my, Linda,
Happy to have found 'Slow Growing' on Blotanical.
Wondering if you can teach me how to sit still and enjoy the garden's vignettes? I have yet to figure out how to remain still :~D
We're harvesting a bounty of tomatoes from my husband's allotment. So many, that we are going to a new exchange in our little town and trading some each week for fresh eggs and veggies. It's such a great idea! Cheers, Alice
aka Bay Area Tendrils Garden Travel

L. D. said...

I really appreciated your post. The fall weather does just slow us down. I see weeds and say, well maybe tomorrow. I just go out and wander and look and what the summer leaving my garden. Very nice photos.

Bay Area Tendrils said...

Thanks for letting me know that you read and reread VW's diaries. Wouldn't it be neat to figure out a way to have a deeper online exchange about her work and writings? Maybe just dreaming... but it's quite incredible to realize how much she continues to be an influence. Best, Alice

Muhammad khabbab said...

oh so cute pic of bee on marigold. nice post linda.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed your post. I need to relax more. Right now, my knee is hurting because I tripped and landed on it a week ago, and haven't rested it enough for it to heal because I'm on my feet much of the day at work. I hate not being able to garden, and my house is getting messier and messier.

Debra Howard said...

A beautiful post and beautiful pictures. Very well done. I especially love the shot of the flower with the bee. Great job.

Linda said...

Linda I was wondering if I could copy your picture of the bee on the marigold? I write stories and poetry on my blog and it inspired me. If you would rather not, I do understand.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits