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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

One pea and a weed

That's the pea, and this is the weed:

Or...all that I got from my first sowing of green peas (Ambassador). I've now re-sown, and have the grand total of 9 plants through from 14 peas. Almost time to sow again for a successional crop, and I'll be watching anxiously to see what comes through next time.

Meantime I've been thinking I should try broad beans next year, if anything for their black and white flowers which the bees love so much. Rafael at 'Un jardin potager en Languedoc' (a vegetable garden in Languedoc', has generously posted some broad bean recipes with French flair, in response to my plea for ideas beyond the British 'plain boiled or in white sauce' standard way with beans. The recipes are in English - do have a look. In fact although the rest of the blog is in French you can click on a 'translate' button for an English approximation. Apart from Rafael's own plot there's an interesting account of creating a hillside plot in the Tarn region, with great photos.


Janie said...

Part of the fun (and sometimes disappointment) of gardening is that you never know what you're going to get or how those plants will turn out. I'm sure you'll get some good stuff growing, though. You're obviously persistent.

Frankie / Nick said...

Awhh it's sad when seeds don't germinate the way they should. Good luck with your new crop, perhaps the soil was too cool this spring? You have a beautiful floral display under date of the 15th.

RainGardener said...

I'm a bit late but was looking at your last post with the flowers and left a comment there. Amazing our similar taste in flowers.
I don't do well with seeds and think maybe this will be my last try. Oh who knows.

donna said...

Sorry about your first sowing of green peas. Disappointments are all part of gardening. I'm not a vegetable gardener, but will be planting my first tomato plant tomorrow.

EcoRover said...

For a sec there, I thought the tomatoe plant was the weed! Mrs ER & I had our first big gardening day yesterday--we'll get a big snowstorm for sure, now.