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Wednesday, 15 April 2009


It's wonderful what can happen when you're not looking. After another busy-busy two weeks, during which we've been away for Easter, the garlic has not only sprouted but is well up, and the shallots are beginning to pull away.

I had a hard-working session at the plot on Tuesday, my last day of holiday before the office swallowed me again. My order of onions, 'New Fen Globe' arrived just before we went away on holiday, and were overdue for planting out. The lovely thing about planting onions, and shallots and garlic too, is just being able to push them into the soil. Easy! So I popped in four rows of onions, quick as you like.

Although the weather has taken a milder turn (tho not today), the plot wasn't covered in a fine green fuzz of weeds as I'd expected. Instead of weed-busting I was able to sow some salads: corn salad 'Vit', lettuce 'Romana Bionda Degli Ortolani' (that rather rolls off the tongue in an impressive Italian way), lettuce 'Quattro Stagioni', and spinach 'Hector'. I love corn salad (or lamb's lettuce, or mache), but I find it very challenging to grow. It rarely germinates well, so this year I'm sowing earlier in case our fierce Scottish summers (!) are to blame.

The purple sprouting broccoli is having a last, pigeon-free flourish:

The blackcurrant bushes are in flower:

And I even managed to turn some compost. This one of those shots where you realise afterwards just how...weird this photo-blogging lark is, when you eagerly snap the contents of your compost bin. But it IS interesting! Look - here are the remains of the beautiful Mother's Day flowers I received, along with wee matchstick things which my son contributed from his mega bedroom tidying operation brought about by having new carpet laid. The sticks are from one of those kits which are meant to be good presents for 10 year old boys - 'Build the Taj Mahal from matchsticks - hours of fun!' Eight years later the Taj Mahal is still unbuilt, but the wee sticks will do just fine as woody content for the compost bin.


Rafael said...

Il parait que le printemps est enfin arrivé en Ecosse :-)

Congratulations for your garlic and onions, I have finished with planting them 2 weeks ago. I have planted garlic before winter and they are 30 cm now but quite weak (because of winter strong rains that discovered their roots during weeks).

This weekend we have eaten mâche sowed in December under the fleece (last mâche before next autumn). The quality is not the same that during the winter (much tender and fragile now). I had problems with germination too but finally there were enough plants to cover the line. And transplanting them is possible.

Sue said...

I love it, wee sticks on the compost pile! It was a great photo! I take pics of my compost, too. Isn't it grand to get out there and plant?

Thanks for visiting my GBBD post.

Babzy said...

we enjoy gardening too , we wanted to plant our peas today but it's raining cats and dogs !!!

Peggy said...

You have a very promising looking plot there!Our PSB is slow to produce at the moment we have had only a few bits from it.

Darla said...

Great progress for sure! Know all about those fun games that never get played. We do eagerly snap the strangest photos to sure don't we?