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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day April

Today I've bypassed the showy tulips that are out in my garden just now, as well as the Magnolia stellata, the narcissi, the Pulmonaria, the Saxifrage, the Brunnera macrophylla. Closest to my heart just now are these frothy blooms of Tiarella 'Iron Maiden'. Planted two years ago, it slowly declined through the first season, and by the autumn I'd given it up for dead. It didn't come through at all the following summer, but I had a hunch that something might still happen. No special care has been lavished on it, but voila - thanks to my usual regime of treat 'em tough, benign neglect, it has burst forth this spring and is creating a lovely Victorian vignette against the backdrop of ivy on the shady patio. (The shady patio which is in dire need of having a winter's worth of algae scrubbed off it. I knew this of course before I saw this photo, but it really brings it home to me!)

Other April blooms are bursing forth at Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.


Linda/Central Texas Gardener said...

How wonderful to meet a Linda in Scotland, where my mom-in-law was born. She will be thrilled. You have plants that I've never heard of, so this is totally fascinating. I'll keep watching to see what's up with you. The other Linda

Town Mouse said...

Happy bloom day! Yes, the unexpected and fragile can be so much more rewarding than the showy. Thanks for sharing!

Gunilla said...


Tiarella is a fantastic flower. I have a couple too.

They are flowering the whole summer, I really like those plants.
Some of them gets a fine autumncolor too
Have a nice evening



Kris said...

I've never seen Tiarella before. Lovely. I have to add it to my 'must have' list (which is getting kinda long...*haha*). Thanks for the lovely pics. :-D

Carol said...

I like tough flowers. That's a beautiful picture, too, I don't mind that algae one bit.

Thanks for sharing this with us for bloom day,

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Lancashire rose said...

Nice to meet another gardener from the homeland. Isn't it wonderful how a plant can suddenly give us a surprise. I look forward to seeing your other surprises.

Gunilla said...


I have the Primula indoors now, but when the snow has melted and its warmer I will plant them out.Its perennial.

Have a nice day


T and S said...

That's amazing, its blooming after 2 seasons of no signs of life....Life does always find its way.

Frankie / Nick said...

Very pretty and the lush greenery at the back sets it off perfectly.
Mine you I say all this with envy as our season is so far behind this year. Enjoy!!

Sue said...

Hi Linda!

That is a lovely plant! I have stuff like that on some of my pots, and I don't bother to wash it. I hope that's OK.

Thanks for the information you gave me on my daffodil post.