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Monday, 15 August 2011

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2011

This summer hasn't been the kindest for flowers. Plentiful rain, yes, but grudging sun and even more grudging temperatures. So it was a surprise when I set about taking photos for this month's GBBD to find just how much was in bloom.

Above, my container clematis, Anna-Louise. Below, a nameless fuchsia that I nurtured from a sad, dried out stick of a plant thrust at me by a friend.

Cheerful daisies beside the front door.

This fuchsia did have a name, but of course I've forgotten it. It came as part of an order of 12 mini plug plants from Thompson and Morgan, in a plastic container with letters beside each plant, and a key to the letters in the accompanying instructions. Mail order plants always arrive when I have minimal time to deal with them, so inevitably after the initial potting up and then the potting on and finally the planting out the identity of 'A' or 'F' has long been mislaid.

A sweetly scented sweet pea beside the front door. The packet was a freebie from Gardeners' World, about four years ago, and I took a chance that the seeds would germinate.

My stalwart hydrangea, nameless of course, but I do remember that I got it from Burncoose Nurseries in Cornwall. Quite a transition to make, from the south western tip of Britain to the east coast of Scotland, but it's hung on through the worst of our winter weather.

This year's surprise: a self-seeded hollyhock.

Cheerful violas, somewhat eaten round the edges by our ever-present snails.

For real snail damage, this is what remains of some busy lizzies. They were untouched until a couple of weeks ago, when overnight they were reduced to bare stems.

Below, the crocosmia is still blooming - the latest it's been in flower since I planted it in 2004.

Climbing courgette 'Black Hawk' is doing well in a flower border, producing just enough but not yet at glut stage.

Jasmine 'Clotted Cream' has had its flush of blooms. With the light declining now I doubt there will be a second flush, but it has been a lovely addition to the patio.

Chives are still blooming and appreciated by the bees. In the background is what has turned out to be a total thug - lemon balm. It has taken over a border to the extent that I may take it out in the autumn.

Finally, two more nameless mail order beauties.

More blooms, many of them with names, are at Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day at May Dreams Garden.


Janet said...

I'm surprised what is in flower in Scotland,given the rain and the lack of warmth and sun. Our crocosmia Lucifer has flowered longer this year as well. Strange goings on! Your blooms (fuchsia in particular) don't seem to have been badly damaged either. Sorry I can't say that same about the Busy Lizzie

Andrea said...

Your front door must look cheerful and welcoming with those colorful plants,love the sweetpea.

Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

We had a fuchsia like the red and white one called Swingtime

Our problem is lack of rain! STILL.

Claire, Plantpassion said...

Lovely Hydrangea and Fuchsias - Yes I treat lemon balm like mint. Pot up and sink in the ground, - cut back to ground level in summer, and split in 4 in the spring (keep 1/4 give 3/4 away)

Ellie said...

I LOVE your fuchsias! They're so colorful and reliable. Are they all annuals, or do you have hardy fuchsias as well? The hollyhock is pretty too.
As for the weather: you are not alone. Our 'summer' started mid April and ended late May; since then it has mostly been overcast, very wet and cold.

scottweberpdx said...

Yikes...those must have been some truly voracious slugs to defoliate a plant in one night! Love that self-seeded Hollyhock...such a beauty!

BilboWaggins said...

Hi. I've just wandered into here from ..erm...were on earth was I?!....Well anyway! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts, thank you for sharing so much.

I've just planted Jasmine 'Clotted Cream' next to an arbour and am pleased to see it does well for you. We're a bit further south in North West Cumbria.

Is your 'Red & purple' fuchsia Ballerina or am I dellusional? (Hi Sue @ GLA, don't answer that one)

Why I garden... said...

Some lovely blooms, especially the clematis (great photo). I think I may have done better with flowers than veg this year. Kelli

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

I somehow managed to miss this around 15th - sorry! You have some beautiful things blooming, you are even making me appreciate fuchsias more. I love that hydrangea.

donna said...

Hi Linda. I'm very interested in your beautiful container clematis, Anna-Louise and have made note of it in my gardening journal.

Fuchsia plants don't seem to like me very much, but apparently they're fond of pretty. Don't you luv it when you're able to encourage a dried up old stick to give up a bloom?

My favorite among your photos (and it was difficult to choose) is the bare-stemmed busy lizzie (what does it look like with blooms & leaves?).

There are some chives growing in a container by the window over my kitchen bees though.

The pot with the moss on it is charming and looks like maybe Martha Stewart made it for you:)


L. D. Burgus said...

You do have some beautiful flower shots here. I don't think the snail problem would be much fun. Your colors of flowers are so wonderful.

Pat said...

Your flowers are so pretty! I was surprised to see zucchini (you call it courgette) growing in Scotland....I thought it was too cold and wet there for zucchini.