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Friday, 8 October 2010


Crisp homegrown apples. Not ours, but a present from our allotment neighbour. Thank you, Robert!

It's a good year for apples, and so far no thefts. Sadly a bumper crop sometimes attracts that dastardly breed, the allotment thief.


Hilde said...

My apple trees bring apples every second year. Last year there were loads, and this year there are just a handful. I miss apples when there are none on my trees, but luckily we got some from my father in-law.
Good neighbours are a gift! Enjoy the apples, Linda. They look delicious :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Alice Joyce said...

Hi Linda
Send some of those apples over here!
Even better, raspberries, please;-)

Jo said...

Those apples look delicious. What a generous neighbour you have.

Mark Willis said...

They look great! (much better than mine were0. Who needs French Golden Delicious???

RedPat said...

Nothing better than a fresh, crisp apple. They look great.

rosalie said...

Dear Linda,
I chosen you for abloggers game, because I really appreciate your blog!
Please go to

Greetings from Berlin!

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

0ne apple a day keeps the doct0r away!nice p0st!they lo0k crispy!

tilden talks... said...

hi linda - im from new england and i'm not familiar with the term allotment gardening. could you explain breifly?

Corner Gardener Sue said...

What pretty things! Enjoy!

Boo to the allotment thieves!