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Friday, 28 May 2010

Still Growing

When I get discouraged about amount of time I have to spare for the plot at the moment, it's good to look back at progress. Above, the shallots and garlic on 16 May. Below, 9 May.

2 May:

2 months ago in March, with the demised red clover waiting to be dug in.

So that's good. But then again, things are getting rather shaggy round the edges. Whoa! When did that central path take over? There's a Big Dig looming.


Peggy said...

Hello!!Do you not have weeds growing in Scotland or have you weeding brownies calling every night?
It is great to see progress with plants and we can be sure that growth is in full swing.

Darla said...

I was thinking these are very tidy rows here. You could make that a permanent path...hate digging up sod!

Kris said...

Even here the grass is rampant this year! It's all I can do to keep it out of the beds, let alone mown regularly. Your little vegs are looking fine and healthy. Your hard work paying off. :-D

donna said...

Shallots and garlic are nice, but what I really like are those sheds -- especially the blue one.

Linda, I don't have time to blog either and it's frustrating.

Hugs to you.


Rafael said...

Hi Linda, I'm jealous about your so dark and so clean soil. Lucky you ! So producing good garlic is possible in the North? When do you expect to harvest it?

Anonymous said...

Great progress ;0)

EcoRover said...

Love the colorful gardening sheds--remember seeing them all over Europe the year we lived there.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Look at those pretty shallots!