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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Nothing doing

Seeds sown on 23 August, and so far only three carrot seedlings have come through. I sowed more lettuce a week earlier, and there's no trace of that either. Too warm for the lettuce to germinate? Too late for the Autumn King carrots, probably, despite their name. I had a rosy picture of lettuces going on into the autumn under cloches. It's been a funny old year for germination.


donna said...

When it comes to gardening/farming, one can never figure out the weather. We have to take whatever it gives us. The lettuce and carrots sure look good on the seed packets.

Meredith/Great Stems said...

I have the tiniest little lettuce and spinach sprouts peeking through -- I wonder whether it's the constant rains we've had for the past few days, or the cooler weather associated with it, that's helped them come through. No sign of the carrots, yet, though. Hopefully your sprouts will come soon! What's the temperature in your area right now?

Mo said...

They might still pop up