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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Allotment quirks

Action figures suspended from pea netting - it can only be a British allotment. The Allotment Blogger posted recently about 'Allotment Psychology and what other people's plots say about them. In another allotment lull (busy busy weekend of Other Things coming up) I looked back over photos taken last summer when the sun shone and people had time and lightness of heart to be quirky in their allotment gardening. Her are some more:


Frankie / Nick said...

What interesting photography! Enjoyed your blog and thank you for visiting ours. Your source of temperatures are correct. Keep up the interesting submissions.

tina said...

Well shoot! I don't call those quirks-I call them fun-even the action figure. I especially love the bottle pathway. Need to find a spot for one in my garden.

Peggy said...

Hi from an allotment in wet and windy Ireland.Not a lot going on here either, visitng formfamily and flowers blog. I love the garden shed photo it would cheer up the most dismal allotment!
Best Wishes