Slow painting

Thursday, 7 August 2008


A city fox trots around the allotment site. Normally it's on the move, warily. This week however, on a warm, still day, it was sunbathing on the plot next to ours, on a patch of weed-supressing carpet. It must have provided much the same cosy effect as a dog bed.

We were sitting having a cup of tea when we noticed it. We were certainly chatting loudly enough to be heard by it, but it drowsed on in the sun. When it did wake up it started grooming itself, and at times looked directly at us.

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Linda said...

Wow. When we first came to live here I saw one near the church in our street. I keep forgetting how close the farms are. The houses at our end are built into a hill about three streets and the top of the hill is paddocks.